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The TEMPORARY RED CAN RECORDSTORE at Feierwerk Farbenladen is history. On sunday night the seven weeks longing exhibition finished with guest artist Torsten Jahnke aka MITCHUM D.A. and a very rare and fine acoustic gig from MITOTE.

A big THANK YOU to all of you artists and musicians involved, to the 400 visitors of the exhibition and lots of well known and brandnew poster-collectors!

The shown screenprints can still be bought directly from the artists or from RED CAN as well as the catalogue. Just send a short email to bernie[at]red-can.com …

THANKS! and cheers. let´s meet at FLATSTOCK EUROPE 5 on REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL september 23rd to 25th 2010 !!!

The TEMPORARY RED CAN RECORDSTORE at Feierwerk Farbenladen is getting closer to the end. Thanks to all of you visitors and those who bought the posters! For the final days there is again a great timetable – here is what comes last at Farbenladen:

thu 22.07. exhibition opened from 4pm-8pm

fri 23.07. exhibition open from 4pm-8pm – at 8pm: sounds and stories with  KARL BRUCKMAIER – the translater, pop-journalist and „Nachtmix“-DJ Karl Bruckmaier will read some stories out of his big „Musterkoffer“ of emotions. For those of you who want to know more – come and see.

sat 24.07. exhibiton closed – enjoy the best festival round munich, the Open Air PUCH

sun 25.07. exhibition open from 4pm-10pm – guests: TORSTEN JAHNKE (mitchum D.A./hamburg) / 8pm acoustic-gig with MITOTE – last day of exhibition!

the TEMPORARY RED CAN RECORDSTORE at Feierwerk Farbenladen is preparing for its second last week with lots of highlights:

on thursday 15.07. as my guest I say hello to MARION GERTH aka JIMMY DRAHT, originally from Landsberg/Weilheim/München – now in Berlin. Marion / Jimmy was a early member of HAUSMUSIK and responsible for the screenprinted artworks and posters. she also created some classics like the JIMMY DRAHT record/comic-series. parts of her works will be shown at Farbenladen and its also a good chance to say Hello to her after a long time no seen. just like an old pal does from the days with HAUSMUSIK and FRED IS DEAD, Wolfgang Petters. with his solo-project A MILLION MERCIES he plays some old a new songs, maybe supported by Marion Gerth.

Also a great day and night promises to be Sunday 18.07. – with my guests TOBI KUEHN (eartrumpet.net/münchen) and TILMAN DOMINKA (seenandnotseen.de/würzburg) I have two photographers who are less involved in the screenprinting-scene but at least into music, borderliners you can call them. we also have some music from 8pm on which I really recommend: from Würzburg as well but right now known all over the country: CARREAU allone with her guitar and some beautiful pop-songs she breaks down all walls…

and there is of course the brandnew catalogue for the exhibit… (place your order here!)

this week we have a little changed opening times and starting the in-store-gig series at farbenladen: thu july 1st 4pm-10pm – at 6pm opening of the exhibition from LILALASSO and at 8.30pm acoustic-gig with CANDELILLA (little fee of 4 euro) /// fri july 2nd closed /// sat july 3rd 6pm-9pm (after the wm-match and right before the m94,5 birthdayparty at feierwerk) /// sun july 4th 4pm-8pm

CANDELILLA at myspace

starting for the 3rd week at the farbenladen, opening this week on thursday, friday and sunday – today June 24th though only from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, due to organizating problems … but: there have once again new prints arrived from Dan MacAdam aka Crosshair from Chicago, now also for buying! … and: „SQUEEGEE!“ – the catalogue beside the exhibition is in print and hopefully finished and available from July 8th on, for the schellack-release party with SJ ANDREJ that night …

today a littlel article at our local paper sueddeutschezeitung-extra … just arrived: prints from slowboy and fritte from duesseldorf – to look at and to buy from tomorrow on … and here two more pics from temporary red can recordstore by Tobias Kuehn (eartrumpet.net) …

Just before our grand opening on Thursday we were able to fix all posters and records and though it was hot and sunny numerous guests found their way to us. The first weekend is already done, first prints have been sold. So now is a little time for breathing before we go on this week from friday to sunday. Here we go with a view impressions from thursday, just before opening, meanwhile with Lars P. Krause and Susanne and Uli and afterwards from the outside …

… posters lying on the floor, waiting to be hanged … sun is floating the room … still no fridge and no beer, that has to be changed until tomorrow …

50 hours in advanve of the great opening ceremony of temporary RED CAN recordstore – record-boxes are set up, cash-counter also, windows decorated …

posters of mara and willem and torsten and lars and atzgerei and damien and marion and antipesto have already hit the gallery … and also a handwritten letter: the first pre-order of the upcoming to be released catalogue for the exhibit „SQUEEGEE ! – DIE SIEBDRUCK BEWEGUNG“ ( which means „the screenprint movement“, something like that… ) …


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  1. Anthony Healey schreibt:

    Great job, very impressive. When is the next one?

    What are the opening times this week 19-25 Juli ?

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